Modify your space with blinds that are safe for children.

Blindsright not only believes in customer satisfaction but also pays attention to the safety of toddlers. Child safety is a significant value that we stick by. For this reason, we pay utmost attention to every blind and shutter.

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Children have a tendency to climb and jump here and there. They try to explore and discover new things in the house. Although we cannot stop them from being the little detectives that they are and make them sit in one place, we can surely make the space safe for them.

If you opt for roller blinds, wooden blinds, or Venetian blinds, it is essential to pay attention to cords and wires that can turn out to be hazardous for your tiny tots. For this, we make sure to install little cleat or hooks for the wires to wrap around. Additionally, we suggest to fit them at a minimum height of 1.5mm from the ground.

Other tips to make the space child-friendly

It is vital to move chairs and cots away from the windows so that children cannot climb and reach the cords.

Make sure never to tie loose ropes or chains together.

Keep wires and chains out of reach of children through the hooks fitted while installing the blinds.

Check for built-in safety device while looking for blinds.

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